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December 2020

.....For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given... & His Name Shall Be called Wonderful.....

Why do we always try to make Christmas in South Texas look like a fake New England winter wonderland? Maybe we need to come up with some new Christmas decor that fits where we're at.


Have you ever heard of Hardanger embroidery? Take a look at some of the most beautiful & exacting needlework you've ever seen.


In reality, the Nativity scenes we set out at Christmas weren't as cute and clean as they appear. The Son of God was born under a cloud of scandal in a crude, unsanitary shelter for animals. I wonder why God chose to do it that way.

Nativity-ivory ornament.jpg

Who gets braces in their second half of life? Turns out, quite a few do! My first day's braces on my lower teeth looked like the Runaway Mine Train at Disney World.


Most authentic cowboys dress conservatively, but some show a flair for color and style on occasion. Usually I kept my mouth shut when it came to most things Jack wore, but I had to speak up when I saw a pair of orange boots labeled 'Benedictine Tan’.


See how film, print, and cultural norms have reinforced gender double standards and age discrimination throughout our lives, and how the law has no teeth when it comes to protecting people against age discrimination in the workplace. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 10.42.29 AM.pn

The milestones in the beginning of life tend to reverse themselves at the end of life. And if we live long enough, most of us will experience reverse milestones in some form or fashion. 

K-Dramas (Korean dramas) have become one of my go-to solutions for pandemic blues. Here are some of my favorites I've enjoyed so far.

Arthdal Chronicals poster.jpg
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