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Generations Photos

If you have photos of you and your mom or grandmother at the same age during the second half of your lives and would like to be included in this monthly gallery, feel free to email them to with your names, ages and where you live.

May 2020

Zets-Marine-Dabbs Lineage

KathyDabbs n Mother.jpg

Kathy Marine Dabbs of Taylor, Texas, with her granddaughter Remi in 2018; and Kathy's mother, Helen Zets Marine with Kathy's son (& Remi's father) Chandler in 1983; These beautiful ladies are both in their early 60s

Beights-Casey-VanCleve Lineage

Gangy n Van - 1997.jpg
Donna n Van.jpg

My mother, Isla Beights Casey, and my son Jack 'Van' Cleve IV in Cotulla, Texas, in 1997; and my son and I (Donna Casey Van Cleve) twenty years later when he lived in Monterrey Mexico.  Mom and I are 63 years old. 

Beights-Cranfill-Casey Lineage

Left to right from top: my maternal great grandmothers Sarah Miers Beights in 1917 at age 57 and Ruth Boydston Cranfill in her late 50s; my maternal grandmother Zelma Cranfill Beights Valentine in her late 50s or early 60s; my mother Isla Ruth Beights Casey in her late 50s; my older sister (by only 14 mons.)  Joy Casey Watson in her early 60s, and me (Donna Casey Van Cleve) in my late 50s. Life was much harder on my great-grandmothers, and it shows. All of these photos were taken in various towns in Texas.

Kaltwasser-Schomer-Tetzlaff-Crain Lineage

Janet - 4 generations.JPG

4 Generations 1987
"Nanny" Ruby Kaltwasser Schomer, 76; mother Pat Jenkins, 56; Janet Crain, 32; daughter, Lauren Crain, 5

Janet-Red family.jpg

4 Generations 2009
Grandmother Pat Jenkins, 78; Janet Tetzlaff Crain, 55, daughter Lauren Crain Krisch, 27; Briley 7 mons. 

Janet - 4 generations.JPG
Janet-Red family.jpg

This Is So Cool!!


Pairing up mothers & daughters from the two photos, the ages match almost perfectly. 

Left:  Mother Nanny,76, & daughter Pat, 78 

Below: Mother Pat, 56, & daughter Janet, 55

Right: Mother Janet, 32, & daughter Lauren, 27

Janet - 4 generations.JPG
Janet-Red family.jpg
Janet - 4 generations.JPG
Janet-Red family.jpg

My beautiful friends Janet & Lauren today

along with Janet's oldest son, Philip

Bevins-Akin-Roeder Lineage

Left to Right

Lois Bevins Akin, 20, holding daughter           Wanda in 1929


Wanda Akins Roeder, 19


Susan Roeder, 18

Susan's grandmother Lois, mid-40s

Susan's mother Wanda, mid-40s

Susan, early 40s

Lois, 55

Wanda, 55

Susan, 61-- WOW! Susan just gets better with age!! 

Wright-Turner Lineage


Gladys Wright, 65 and her daughter Angela Wright Turner around the same age;

These lovely ladies are from Jacksonville, Florida, and my friend Angela is also from Taylor, Texas

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