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Virtual Birding

with Laurie Oliver

    Photography has been a hobby of mine for a long time.  In fact, my husband and I started buying good equipment back in the early years of our marriage.  When Kodak shut down, much of that equipment became useless, so my hobby was on pause for awhile.  Now, with good digital equipment, I often feel overwhelmed, but one is never too old to learn!

    Nature photography is my passion, and a good zoom lens enables me to take the bird pictures.  I have a friend who is an expert birder, and I often send photos to him to help with identification.

    People ask me how I take such good photos, but they don’t know how many bad pictures are deleted!  Plus, I almost always crop the good pictures to highlight the subject.  Mainly, I have fun!

Laurie Oliver by Rebecca Baker.jpg

Laurie Oliver lives in Junction, Texas, with her husband Dick. All of these bird photos were shot in this area.

Photo of Laurie by her daughter at Price Lake in North Carolina

Laurie Johnson Oliver

July 2020

Hobbies - Photography

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