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You Did What at Your Age?

Added a Screened Porch to Her House

Yvonne Oude-Reimerink had never built a screened-in porch before, but she didn't let that stop her. Her son-in-law helped with several things like holding the end of a long board up so she could attach it to the porch ceiling, but Yvonne did the bulk of the work. The porch has become a cozy respite place for her to curl up and read, work online, craft, or simply enjoy the outdoors without the bother of pesky mosquitos and other flying insects. 


The photo of Yvonne's house at the time she bought it. The side porch was what she decided to screen in..

Yvonne 2020.jpg

Yvonne Oude-Reimerink 


The screened porch looks like it is original to the house. Yvonne plans to paint her front door to match her side porch screen door, which she refinished and re-screened herself. The decorative iron columns incorporated into the design make such an interesting architectural element now.


Beautiful job, Yvonne!!

Photos by Yvonne Oude-Reimerink

Text by Donna Van Cleve

August 2020, House

Outside view.jpg
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