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You Do What at Your Age?

Travel by Gyroplane

Kathy Marine Dabbs

In Her Own Words

Actively working with my husband Bobby in our Preschool Photography Business has given us the opportunity to enjoy summer vacations that may seem a bit different than most. Being the mother and wife of Gyroplane pilots, we’ve enjoyed trips across the Southeast in a gyroplane. Last summer a trip flying to the Bahamas was cut short due to a mechanical issue with one of the gyroplanes. It was repaired in time to enjoy the Panama City Beaches instead of the Bahama’s Beaches though.  Some of our group did go on and enjoy the trip across the Atlantic to the Bahamas. We’ve been on several fun trips. You can get a taste of that experience by going to Most of these pilots are enjoying their ‘Second Wind’.  

We also enjoy riding a touring scooter that has kept us closer to the ground. Taking trips to the Appalachian Mountains and back through Florida, or a trip to New Orleans and back are never out of the question! It’s amazing how alike the gyroplane and the motorbike are…….both require stopping and stretching every 2 hours or so, and both require the weather to be ‘friendly’.  

Truth be known, though, we don’t need trips and transportation to enjoy this time of life. Adventures are all around us. We just don’t stop to take in the beauty and opportunities of every day. I’m convicted to be more intentional daily to stop and smell the roses. God has placed them all along our path; we need to open our eyes enough to recognize them.  

At this age in life, I LOVE a good discount! I’m a true sucker for a 20% off sale!  For some reason, however, I avoided the mere thought of a SENIOR discount! I’ve always been way too young for that. (OK…..maybe too young only in my old mind). But here I am today, enjoying senior discounts at movie theaters, amusement parks and, yes, even fitness centers! I grew up with an active mother. One year she was the Air Force Base Women’s Golf Champion in my hometown of Biloxi, Mississippi. I give her the credit for instilling in me an active lifestyle.  


At 65, you are supposed to be enjoying a sedate lifestyle, sipping lemonade and reading a good book….right? Well, even though my timeline grew older, my body and mind have been in denial! Certainly, it helps having a daughter, Brook Benten, that is well known in the fitness field for her videos ranging from step aerobics to kettlebell training, and having precious friends that enjoy things like renting Segways with me. My morning jogs serve as a way to wake me up enough to enjoy a quiet time in prayer and Bible study. My true love, in this second half of life, has been enjoying Women’s Bible Study. There is nothing more precious to me than to sit in a group of godly women and discuss a lesson from scripture.  

I’m spending today with my eyes open, thanking God for everything He places in my path. Why don’t you join me?


Have a Happy Today!!

Editor's Note: Kathy Dabbs is one of the most active and most fit women I've ever met-- at any age. She is also being modest in this profile. If you were to check her Facebook pictures, you'll see photos of Kathy water skiing, snow skiing, kayaking, and even riding a Harley with her husband. She can keep up with her daughter Brook's strenuous workouts. I tried to follow along with one of her videos once, and it was too tough for me. 

Kathy is one of my Bible study teachers, and I really enjoy her teaching and insight. She is a rebel at heart in some ways, though. She told us some years ago that her favorite singer was Michael Jackson, and she is fearless when it comes to riding gyroplanes (in essence, a flying motorcycle) and scooters and staying active in sports. But on the other hand, she has such a tender heart for people and believes in the power of prayer. She prays some of the most beautiful prayers. This profile could also be titled An Extraordinary, Ordinary Woman when describing Kathy.


I'm so blessed to call her my friend.

Donna Van Cleve

October 2020

Senior Discount.jpg

Kathy loves this part of life - the senior discounts!


Segway Sisters - Kathy, Donna Enochs, Debbie Steck, & Melissa McKinney

Helen Marine.jpg

Kathy credits her mother, Helen Marine, for inspiring her to live an active lifestyle


Kathy's daughter Brook Benten is a fitness expert, so active lifestyles span 3 generations in this family

Ladies Bible Study.jpg

The Women of the Word (WoW) Bible Study Class at First Baptist Church, Taylor. I was absent for the picture-taking, so Kathy photo-shopped me in.

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