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A Librarian's Idea of a Scary House

  1. Where nobody reads or learns beyond school assignments

  2. Where books get chewed up

  3. Where books are used only as doorstops or propping up furniture

  4. Where there's no time to read

  5. Where books get damaged

  6. Where books disappear

  7. Where no one can tell the difference between truth & misinformation

  8. Where people fail to check sources before reposting propaganda on social media

  9. Where opinions are given the same weight as facts

  10. Where political rhetoric is valued over scientific evidence

  11. Where closed minds live

  12. Where people say they believe in freedom, but it only applies to others who look, act, think, & vote like them 

I loved doing big window displays in my middle school libraries, and I used some form of this 'scary house' during October for several years. Halloween is only hours away from November, but this topic could apply year-round, so I've added several more scary thoughts to the list.

Donna Van Cleve

November 2020

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