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Mama V Memes


for September 2020

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Mama V

When my son Van attended Texas A&M University, he became involved with an extraordinary group of students who ran the TAMU Emergency Medical Services 24/7. That meant that they kept the EMS up and running year-round, so we would often celebrate holidays at College Station in order to get to see our son. The year the bonfire stack fell, we cooked and served the crew Thanksgiving dinner at their headquarters in the Beutel Health Center. 

We enjoyed getting to know Van's EMS friends over the years, and many are still involved in medicine or are first responders today. They have remained lifelong friends.  In fact, they were the ones who began calling me Mama V. I think Jim Schaferling or Aki Ohinata started it, and I've treasured the title ever since.

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Artwork by Nessa Dee

See her work on Etsy.

I apologize. This last one isn't a meme.

I didn't know when to quit.

Maybe it's a group of memes.

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