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Beauty Tips in the Time of Coronavirus

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One of the positive things coming out of the pandemic is that it is helping us reprioritize what's important in life and what's not. It's helping us put things into proper perspective. Fashion and makeup are fun, but they can also be superficial masks that we draw confidence from, rather than being secure and self-assured in who we are on the inside. I'm speaking from experience here. But a gift of aging for me is becoming more accepting of who I am on the inside since makeup can only go so far anymore. : )


Disclaimer: Donna Van Cleve has a lifetime of photos showing how out of fashion she was, and she has absolutely zero experience in beauty expertise. This introvert is loving this time of mask wearing because she can travel in public places looking like a hobo (no offense to hobos) without being recognized. She is seriously considering continuing wearing the masks  after the pandemic is over.

Donna Van Cleve

August 2020

Humor, Current Events

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