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What You Won’t Find Here

  • The latest fashions

  • How to get a man

  • Articles with ‘sex’ or ‘libido' in them (except here)

  • Child-rearing tips (since the rules change for every generation)

  • Fawning over stars, public figures, or pro athletes

  • A swimsuit edition (I heard you snicker)

  • Professional advice on law, medicine, or rocket science 

  • Writings, photos, or other creative works by anyone other than women in their second half of life (with some exceptions & note: 39 years is the average halfway point of a woman's life in the U.S.)

  • Profanity (with the exception of an article about profanity)

  • Profiles of overly-acknowledged women (current and historic)

  • Kitten videos (okay, maybe the occasional photo)

  • Unrealistically modified/filtered photos

  • Obsessing over bodily functions and ailments

  • Gossip


What You Will Find Here


  • Topics relevant to women in their second half of life 

  • Humor

  • Real life stories

  • School of Life knowledge 

  • Expertise on a variety of topics

  • Suggestions, how-tos, and workable solutions

  • Inspiration and encouragement

  • Expressions of faith, and respect for others’ beliefs

  • Writings, creative works, or photos of or by women 

  • Challenges to keep learning, doing, and reaching farther

  • Profiles of extraordinary, ordinary women and lesser known women behind well-known men (current and historic)

  • Realistic photos

  • Different perspectives on various topics, including hot-button issues

  • Ways to stay active, engaged, and current on what matters

  • Truth

  • Beauty (especially in unexpected ways)

Donna Van Cleve

May 2020

Archived under "General"


Yvonne, Darla & I hauling hygiene kits that went to the Texas border during the immigration crisis


One of my writing places

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